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Thank you for enquiring about becoming a Brand Amabassor for Renaissance Well-being Clinic Brentwood


All businesses need to promote their services and the authentic way to do this is by genuine real life reviews and word of mouth referrals.


What you get as an Ambassador


You get to receive half price on all of our treatment range (excl programmes/courses/classes/tests priced between £55-100 upto 1 hours treatment.


Imagine being able to treat yourself to luxury rejuvenating treatments as often as you like for half price!


If you have a business you can be listed on the Brand Ambassador directory on the website www.renacokayne.com


What is required from you?


* To post at least 1 image of yourself (a month) at the clinic, with a few words about your experience


* Post/repost our content minimum twice a week consecutively for 1 month on your  social media especially Instagram with our full contact info and #renaissancewbc, links and tags.


* Your first 2 weeks of posting you can repost our content and post your Brand Amabassors badge (which you will get)


* After 2 weeks of posting you will be able to book in your first treatment.


* You can continue to post as often as you like  as long as its a min of twice a week consecutively for 4 weeks to keep qualifying for the discount (we check your posts weekly )


* U will be provided with specific positing guidelines and hastags to use in your welcome pack.


If you are interested please fill out the form below and a Representative will be in contact.

* Required